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Rate My Vomit Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We take privacy very seriously, Rate My Vomit will never share your email, name or any contact details with anyone, ever. Other personal information such as age and location may be used to provide more personalized and relevant page content and advertisements to logged in registered users while using the site.

User Generated Content

We will never share any user generated content such as pictures or comments with anyone outside the site, or use any user generated content ourselves for any purpose besides display on the site, without getting permission from the owners of the content.


Rate My Vomit uses cookies to store information on your computer. The information stored in the cookie relates to user authentication on Rate My Vomit and personal information that is used to provide more relevant content.

Account Deletion

Registered users may delete their account at any time by logging in, clicking "My Profile" then "Delete Profile". Account deletion results in full and permanent removal of all personal and account information. Once an account had been deleted is can not be retrieved.

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