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The rate my vomit story

Got any funny vomit pictures? Rate My Vomit is the place show the world. Embarrass your self or friends and family alike by posting a vomit picture on the Internet. (Love that Internet!)

When you sign up to Rate My Vomit you can post as many pictures as you like, comment on other pictures and browse the site like a gallery.

OK, why? because I can. The web has given me much joy over the last few years, perhaps one of the pinnacles was when I was made aware of www.ratemypoo.com. Like everyone else I'd seen the original hot or not and was very impressed, here was a site that was so simple in concept and design yet you couldn't look away. Parody sites soon followed, I think at this stage I'd only seen a few like www.ratemyrack.com and www.amibiosornot.com (one for the nerds), I thought it was all good, then someone told me about ratemypoo, now just the domain name made me crack up, I didn't even expect there to be a decent site there, but there was. It was unbelievable, ratemypoo was perfect, top notch. The funniest thing was not just that the site existed, not that it was a quality job but that the people had taken too it! There seemed to be a whole community there, people doing shits, taking pictures, sending them in, rating, commenting, dissecting and critiquing! I only got through a few before feeling sick, even back then some of these shits had over 5000 votes! I had to have a piece of this! Amazingly ratemyvomit.com was not taken, I bought it then and there vowing to do for vomit what ratemypoo had done for shit. That would have been around February 2002.

I've built ratemyvomit myself from the ground up, slowly improving it over the last year or so. With permission I got the original 10 or so pictures from www.drunkenmess.com, after that they have literally come streaming in! I'm not seriously into vomit but I do find it extremely amusing seeing different ways that people puke! After a brief stint as a vomit porn affiliate I decided that it wasn't really what the site was about, the site doesn't make money any more but it feels that much cleaner for it, if thats possible for a vomit site!

So call it what you will, vomit, puke, chunder or yack if you have any vomit pictures lurking around then submit them to rate my vomit, you can submit as many pictures as you want. Help save surfing and keep the web weird! SUBMIT YOUR VOMIT!

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