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Open Question: My mom keeps vomiting?
She's going to the hospital but ever since had her period she is vomiting everything she eats and drinks. She's is her early forties. She feels very weak and dizzy. She even vomited with some blood
Open Question: Vomiting after birth control pill?
Hi, I started taking pills (the first time) at 31. July (I had my period). But I was vomiting yesterday (2. August) 2 hours after pill. My boyfriend will come at 6. August, have we use another prote
Open Question: Green vision, hot and clammy, feeling like going to vomit?
Hi, I am a 15 year old girl. And I have had a few incidents where suddenly I feel like I am going to vomit , it feels really hot, and my vision goes green or black for 5-10 minutes. I also get a bad
rate my vomit
mmm whole milk vomit
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Pukemygutzout Pukemygutzout 2015-01-26
So what? Milk puke doesn't have the same cache as a $50 meal and $100 of drinks launched onto a city sidewalk with witnesses and camera phones. It's like beating off to pornography and then actually bragging about it versus getting laid for real. Feh.
mariza mariza 2010-12-12
mmm very nice puke,i like it,good job :)
Jon Jon 2008-08-26
bookworm.RLB bookworm.RLB 2007-01-19
I'm only a few years late answering Vominator here, but yeah. What kind of question is that? I don't see what my having ever puked has to do with me being tired of lame milk pukes.
dirtymonkey700 dirtymonkey700 2005-08-09
Jackie Jackie 2005-05-11
it's fluro
PsychoGothGirl PsychoGothGirl 2005-05-01
that is pretty puke!!!! NOT! what A loser!!! (even though it does look cool)
Vomiator Vomiator 2004-11-18
Hey Bookworm RLB Have you ever puked before?!!
bookworm.RLB bookworm.RLB 2004-07-03
I agree with legolas. I'm getting a little tired of the milk too. However, this is the first one I've seen with coloring.
donyale donyale 2004-06-30
pinks his color
hen-peter hen-peter 2004-02-01
that is some pretty puke.
OzZy_CaReS OzZy_CaReS 2004-01-13
milk pukes suck becouse theres so many and if you disagree you can kiss my ass!
The Vominator The Vominator 2003-12-10
I bet that would have looked pretty cool under black light
tifferoo tifferoo 2003-11-09
MILK PUKES R GAYER THAN YOU. (and thats pretty gay kollegeboi)
kollegeboi kollegeboi 2003-10-22
you should speak for yourself when you talk about hating milk pukes.

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