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Open Question: My mom keeps vomiting?
She's going to the hospital but ever since had her period she is vomiting everything she eats and drinks. She's is her early forties. She feels very weak and dizzy. She even vomited with some blood
Open Question: Vomiting after birth control pill?
Hi, I started taking pills (the first time) at 31. July (I had my period). But I was vomiting yesterday (2. August) 2 hours after pill. My boyfriend will come at 6. August, have we use another prote
Open Question: Green vision, hot and clammy, feeling like going to vomit?
Hi, I am a 15 year old girl. And I have had a few incidents where suddenly I feel like I am going to vomit , it feels really hot, and my vision goes green or black for 5-10 minutes. I also get a bad
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Comments made by Vomiator
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Vomiator Vomiator 2009-11-19 Vomiator vomit
aaww poor guy! He's gonna be drenched from vomit! I can imagen how pissed I will be.. lol
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-11-06 Vomiator vomit
DAMN that's fucking huuuge! How can it be THAT big!??!?!
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-10-29 Vomiator vomit
Ohhh Ive seen this show! It was after when some guy ate all the cranberry pie or something at the contest and blew off at another guy and made everyone in the contest to puke! Just don't remember the name of the show...
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-07-23 Vomiator vomit

haha this is sick watch this starting at 7:28 hehehe
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-07-23 Vomiator vomit
dude!! Spewey!! where've you been man!?!
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-07-23 Vomiator vomit
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-06-08 Vomiator vomit
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-01-27 Vomiator vomit
wow she's hot. to me she really is hot but I'm not a lesbo so I'm not really attracted to her.. just want to see how I can copy her style and be like her or look like her, to be prettier, not that I have low self esteem..
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-01-27 Vomiator vomit
wow.. how can it be like.. all over the place like that? If I were to puke, I wouldn't puke that much plus it wouldn't spread all over the place.. good job I give it a 9!
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-01-27 Vomiator vomit
eeeeewwww worms!
Vomiator Vomiator 2009-01-27 Vomiator vomit
an Indian girl puking curry.. yum. that matches parfect.
Vomiator Vomiator 2008-10-16 Vomiator vomit
awww poor car it's all freaking messy. ha exactly three spots. awesome though.
Vomiator Vomiator 2008-10-16 Vomiator vomit
Asian style bathroom toilet lol. I remember those back in the old days..
Vomiator Vomiator 2008-09-14 Vomiator vomit
Grossness, girls over there will LOVE it!!
Vomiator Vomiator 2008-09-06 Vomiator vomit
http://www.flickr.com/photos/beccaplusmolly/283283 8234/

check this out it's cute but gross~!!

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